Boost your sales and create a continuous flow of new customers - with performance guarantee.

Gain access to an effective, performance-driven marketing team that creates ready-for-sale leads and customers for your business – daily!

At Funnel First Media we help our clients create a steady and continuous flow of new customers, which creates stability in their business and removes all concern regarding new clients.

1000+ new members, in 4 months, for 27 golf clubs.

In cooperation with the Danish Golf Union, we helped 27 Danish golf clubs with recruitment of more full-time members for their courses.


300 kr. per qualified lead for financial counseling.

We’ve collaborated with the mortgage advisors Stubkjær & Nielsen to get between 5 to 10 new meetings in the calendar – every week.

“At Funnel First we found a partner, who incorporated our own growth ambition into the marketing strategy. We’re now at a place where we can hardly take in any more new members.”

–  Hans Berner,
Director at Langesø Golf


From 0 to 600 treatments in a single month.

The cryo clinic La Concordia needed more bookings – we made sure they hit the ground running with four times the number of leads that our performance-guarantee promised.


920 leads - 500 consultations - 240 new customers.

Cosmo Laser is one of Denmark’s leading laser clinics. After a tough COVID-19 shut-down, they needed a boost. And they got one.


50+ booked readings in only three months.

Mariposa Energia, at Costa del Sol, were among the first to capitalise on Spain’s new policy of no longer taxing solar cells. We procured the customers.

Dear business owner,

Imagine what it would feel like if you doubled your sales in the next few months. Without spending more (or perhaps even spending less) on your marketing.

Imagine any given day, where you can see a stable and scalable growth from quarter to quarter, while your pipeline is continuously filled with leads you can work on, call up and sell to.

Sound up your alley?

Then ask yourself: Are you frustrated with spending your hard earned money on marketing concepts that cost you more than they provide? And are you tired of so-called “gurus” and “experts”, who give you more excuses than results?

We realise that it’s important to spend your money wisely, as a business owner. And we’re actually so confident in our ability to take your business to the next level, that we offer a performance guarantee. This means that if we don’t achieve the goals we’ve agreed upon beforehand – you don’t pay for what we couldn’t get.

Ask others if they would do the same.


Proven and
efficient strategies

We develop a full-funnel, lead generating strategy, that exists solely to generate new customers for your business, through multiple channels and various platforms.


Targeted, cut-through messages

Targeted advertising on social media, that takes your message through the sound barrier and gets people to take action!

Sales funnel

Attract more sales with the right strategy

Design and development of a sales page with quality content, that ensures conversion and boosted sales.


Tracking of the entire user journey

Technical build of back-end systems that track the entire user journey and ensures you can measure the progress. 


Stay organized and increase your sales

Get a continuous flow of leads for your business with more bookings and increased sales as a result.

In short: we make sure that you have the right strategy and the right results. Beginning to end.

A few words from our clients…

"After opening, in the first two weeks, we were completely, fully booked. All the money I’ve put into Funnel First Media, I've gotten back at least 3-4 times. "

–  Johannes Fessler,
Owner of Cryonis Marbella

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"It has worked exceptionally well for lead generation in my business. The leads we get are largely very well qualified and we have converted them."

–  Martin Tye,
CEO of Mariposa Energía

Survival of the fittest!

At Funnel First Media we understand that running a business is in accordance with the Jungle Law, where only the strong survive. We’re relatively indifferent about traffic, video views and irrelevant email-lists. Because what good is all that, if it doesn’t result in more customers?

We dedicate all of our time to really get under the skin of your business. We analyse your case from every possible angle and utilize our proven strategies to get your customers to choose YOUR business, rather than your competitors.

But that’s not all: We ensure that you have a 100% solid full-funnel-setup that consistently provides you with hot leads for your sales team, so you can spend more time working on your business – well-knowing that your pipeline is being continuously filled.

Team Funnel First Media

We work towards the great results, innovative solutions and lasting relations.

Kasper Mengers

Funnel Expert & Partner

Elias Ervill

Retention Specialist & Partner

Jonas Roulund

Content & Project Manager

Kasper Kristensen

Digital Designer

Bianca van Urk


Johnny Hansen


Mette Thuun

Financials and accounting
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